Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I report a bug?
A: Please send me your bug report via email.

Q: How can I request a feature or an improvement?
A: You can create a new Feature Request here. Subscribers then get to vote on feature requests which does steer what is being worked on.

Q: How can I delete my account?
A: When logged in, tap on your avatar (or initials if you haven’t uploaded an avatar) in the top right corner of the navigation bar to open the account menu. Here you can go to the Delete account tab.

Q: How can I implement access control, so that my players can’t edit or delete any information, they only get read access?
A: You can make your campaign public, and share the campaign link (which looks like with your players. That way they can read everything, but can’t change anything unless you send them the join link (which looks like

Q: I logged in and all my content is gone!
A: You most likely used a different email address or Apple ID previously. When you log in with a new email address or Apple ID Critical Notes automatically creates a new account for that address. When you are logged in, open the account menu and check the join date to make sure you’re not logged in with a brand new account.

Q: When I get a subscription, does that apply to all members of my campaign?
A: No, subscriptions are strickly account-based, meaning only you get access to subscriber-only features such as uploading images.