Collaborative note-keeping for roleplaying games

Do you keep track of your roleplaying games’ campaigns and adventures on paper? Or maybe you don’t keep notes at all? See how Critical Notes can help DMs and players alike to stay organized with collaborative campaign notes that are immediately synced with everyone. Use it for D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, World Of Darkness or any other TTRPG.

Check out a few of the public campaigns to get inspired, then sign in and create your own campaign.


Keep track of the story as it happens, using your game’s calendar system, like Fearûn’s Calendar of Harptos or Exandria’s Calendar of Tal’Dorei - or even your own fully custom calendar! Read back what happened when, with links to NPCs, locations and quests. See quests with due dates right on the calendar as well as yearly holidays.


Information about historical world periods and events, myths and legends, artefacts, and more. Lore can be cross-referenced with characters, factions, locations, quests and loot. If you're running a homebrew campaign, this would be the perfect information to store your custom races, classes, pantheon, and so on.


Who did you meet where, what is their backstory, keep notes on NPCs. Link them to factions and locations for easy organization. Upload avatars and use icons for status effects. Add DM-only notes to characters, or hide them completely from all players until the big reveal (insert evil grin).


The perfect place to organize your characters into factions, families, organizations, guilds, gangs, brotherhoods, adventuring parties, etc. A character can be linked to multiple factions and to multiple locations, giving you a lot of flexibility.


All the places you’ve visited in the world, neatly organized as a nested list. With detailed information per location as well as a list of characters, factions, and quests for each location. Upload custom images and assign icons.


Keep track of all your quests, leads and follow ups. Never forget what to do anymore. Add notes including the questgiver, location and deadline. Mark quests as complete or just delete them. And since quests can have sub-quests, there really is no more excuse to forget about all that unfinished business.


Very useful if you use a common loot pile, or a shared bag of holding. You can also link loot to quests and locations, so you can keep track of what you gained where, or what is still up for grabs.

Real time collaboration

All members of the campaign can create and edit all of the content for true collaborative campaign notes (but the DM does get to make DM-only notes which are invisible to the players). And changes made by one person are immediately synced with all members.


Critical Notes can be used for free with one campaign, with access to all of the features mentioned above. Subscribers can create and join unlimited campaigns, and get access to some extra features like custom campaign backgrounds, image uploads, and the ability to vote for feature requests. Check out the subscriptions page for more information.