Useful info

Optional Rules / House Rules

  • If you want to multiclass, your character needs to work towards that goal
  • Flanking = advantage
  • You start every playing session with one inspiration point, and inspiration can not be given away between players
  • Hitting Cover
  • Alternative resurrection rules
  • Slow Natural Healing: no full HP after a long rest
  • More Difficult Identification: roll history or arcana to see if you already know a magic item (dc 15, 20, 25 based on rarity). Otherwise: Identify spell.
  • Passive perception / investigation is not used as a minimum value, the Dungeon Delver feat is forbidden. It basically removes all fun out of dungeons, turning it into a series of fights with nothing in-between.

When creating your character

  • Level 1
  • Standard starting equipment from your background
  • Please stick to the more standard races, or at least discuss with DM
  • Don’t choose an alignment, rather just play your character’s personality. I don’t care about lawful vs chaotic on a sheet, but just want to see you roleplaying your character!
  • No evil characters though..

Writing your background

  • Campaign is set in the Menagerie Coast
  • 1 short term goal
  • 1 long term goal
  • Not strictly required but HIGHLY recommended and suggested: a character flaw; mental or physical. In return you get something else. Let’s discuss these positives and negatives.
  • What does your character do? Basically what’s their job. Or if they don’t have a job, what do they do with themselves on a day to day basis.
  • Where do they live now? Did they stay in their hometown/village? Or have they gone somewhere else now?
  • A reason why your character left / are leaving their home.
  • Has anything eventful happened in their lives? You can attach some tragedy to their story if you want. Maybe they lost their family, or a dear friend or a lover. Or it can be something positive. They were part of a team that unearthed an important artifact, or helped formulate a new kind of enchantment. Pretty much anything.

Session 0

We’ll start with an “origin story” for each character in a short one-on-one session (or one-on-multiple if people want to start off knowing each other). At the end of this origin story you’ll all end up in the same place and at a higher level, ready to start the campaign proper.