After cataclysmic event took place hundreds of years ago,the world of Hyrule has been shattered, Forced apart by Great Calamity and then separated by Great Sea, with constant storm called Tempest of Malice or The Tempest, plaguing it’s center.

With arrival of Calamity, Hyrule’s Royal capital and it’s Royal family, along with previous chosen hero and King of Evil, have disappeared as if they’d been wiped off face of the earth and no one has seen nor witness their return or reincarnation.

Slowly, but surely, World has been healing, but never been the same. Tensions have risen, wars have been fought, and The Tempest still stirs in the center of Great Sea, spewing out monsters, aberrations & Malice, a corrupting mass of dark energy, with no Hero, princess nor the king in sight.

The Triforce’s chosen have become myths, people questioning if they ever existed. Meanwhile, pieces of Triforce, have been discovered through out the world and time, with them becoming highly sought-after objects for Glory, Fame, knowledge or Power.Many now pray even harder to Golden Goddesses, while some turn to local myths and old gods. Those brave or desperate enough have even taken solace in dark and questionable forces.

What happened at that faithful day? Where have the legends gone to? And can the World ever truly recover from this Calamity? Is it possible to return to glorious past, or is it time to move on and seek brighter future than before?That, is yet to be seen, my friends.