Concisura is a world driven by divide, by separation, by fractures. Many centuries ago, a great power split open the fabric of reality and tore apart all of existence. In a brief moment all of reality wavered on the brink of nothingness then its snapped back together, but not as it once was. The world and all other worlds from every dimensional plane crashed together and formed a new world now called Concisura.

Once this new world began to form, it also became unstable. The differing realities that were never supposed to exist together now forced to be one. Many realities simply ceased, unable to handle the stress of this convergence. Some were shaken to their foundation, becoming a base form of what they once were. Still others clashed, pushed, melded, and fought to remain, to be real, to live. Some few made it out nearly unscathed but still thrust into a brand new existence unlike anything they knew.

The inhabitants of these realities –the ones that survived, that is– now found themselves in a world of unknowns. Many would not live in the coming years; many had no desire too. Facing a world completely changed, and in some cases outside of comprehension, much of the world fell to madness, war, and chaos. However, with the merging of realities comes creation. All that exists in these merged worlds could now be brought together in glorious unions; new materials, new plants, new life, and new magics sprang forth.

Centuries passed before the world truly settled into its new form, and for its inhabitants to come to peace with it. Many events took place during this time, most of which have since become legend. Was it Xhorhas that truly turned the city of Sherhal into the crater of death it is today? Is the Joka mountain the grave of the dragon lord? What is the black dome that can be seen covering a continent? Why is it there, and what does it contain?

The world has now settled and grown into a variety of nations, lands, and peoples. From the glistening sea nation of Cataracta to the city of Fjell carved from an entire mountain, variety is far spread on Concisura. While most nations and people live in general peace and acceptance of coexistence, war and hatred still haunt Concisura. Many still hold to xenophobia and hatred, those who are different are taken as slaves, tortured, and killed. Many that have “gifts” are taken by the Academy of Munera and trained, for their protection and the protection of the world.