Thursday Night D&D

May 5
A squad of vampires appeared in a hall of Mirrors. They were easily dispatched with Sunbeam and other radiant damage. Daera Demonslayer - Erinyes riding a bebilith was severely wounded by the vampires, but we healed her.

We collected two giant mirrors that appear to be able to allow passage to a extradimensional space (needed for the Collect the stuff to upgrade the boat Quest.
We went back to the puzzle room. Grissim wore the mask into the room and disappeared. We are all very concerned about the potential loss of the mask. Grissim was allowed to ask 3 questions with one of which would be answered with a lie. We learned that there are several people being held captive in the Undermountain that would be able to help us unite the dwarves and Elves.

Grissim went into the mirror again and heard voices telling him that the Giant and Dwarves are killing each other. We raced back to the boat and traveled back to the the Dwarf city.