Memories of the Void is a cooperative story told by Rae, Rag, Val, and Ally, with special guest star Savvy, narrated and guided by Tory. It details the adventures of five heroes throughout the world of Aetherius, a planet with magic and surprises hidden beneath its surface.

Our team meets in the city of Tide’s End, a port that has been magically blockaded from the rest of the continent by the robotic Queen Airja. Under the guidance of the Emerald Watch, they impress the Queen and gain access to the outside world, to help push back the influence of Ysimer, the Void God.

As they are besieged by Ysimer and his twisted cult, our protagonists learn how to depend on one another. The Mercs fight for the safety and future of their homes, all while unravelling the secrets that throttle the realm.