No Guts, No Glory!

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In the vibrant realm of Everweald, where legends are born, and heroes are celebrated, a catastrophic event shatters the idyllic atmosphere of the annual Guardians of Everweald festival in Silverhearth. As darkness looms over the land, a group of five seemingly inconspicuous individuals finds themselves thrust into a destiny far greater than they could ever have imagined.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the misfit heroes race against time to uncover the truth behind the festival tragedy. Along the way, they forge unbreakable bonds, unlock their untapped potential, and prove that heroes come in all forms.

“No Guts, No Glory!” is an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign that celebrates the power of friendship, resilience, and the unexpected heroes that emerge when the world needs them the most. It invites players to embrace their uniqueness, challenge societal norms, and embark on an unforgettable quest to save a world on the brink of darkness.