Egoris is a lush jungle filled land full of exotic creatures and even more colorful residents. Tribes of diverse cultures roam all around the continent within their own factions and beliefs. These people live in peace with each other with minor conflicts here and there. All in all, the residents of Egoris are of kind and giving people that share the love for such a living space.

Well.. that was until The Age of Strife. During that time, odds between the gods broke out into this age we know as “the age the gods set a plague of evil over the world.” This wrath caused a rift in the continent that ripped it apart and created a massive, dangerous and magical canyon the natives call “The Split.” It was here when the magic of the canyon was infused with most of the people and places within the area. It’s said to house a new civilization of powerful creatures that were exposed to the gods’ arcane powers.

As for the rest of Egoris, half the continent remained the beautiful jungle it was, but was now infected with tourists and travelers who had begun to build new towns and cities around the jungle. Their plan was to exploit the land for its rich natural resources and newfound magical properties. The other half was drained from the jungle as it died off into a desert oasis. Here, the people have begun to industrialize their half in order to survive and create a new way of life. Although some factions are against the establishment of such an advanced society.

Though the continent is forever changed, it is still full of mystery’s and conflicts that are unsolved. Towns and villages try to remain neutral to the bigger picture, but how can they when a power struggle is so intense?