The Order of Baphomet

A fifth edition campaign created by Jon Kestner. Free to use and modify to the public.

This home brew campaign revolves around a cultish quasi-empire of warriors, spies, powerful spell casters, and unholy demons in service to a terrible demonic patron, Baphomet, the demon king of beasts. (This campaign is meant for up to 6 players at a time, and no less than 3.)

The kingdom of Aurora, a bastion of mankind situated along the far edge of the southern peninsula. Stretching out from the mainland of Terra. Surrounded on all sides by mountains and nestled on a great valley, the citizens of Aurora rely greatly on the imports and resources brought in by the cities bustling port. Canals from the port then deliver these resources throughout the warehouse district, and by way of trade and commerce the city remains well supplied even throughout times of strife. This has proven to also be of great strategic advantage during the last 5 years, as while Aurora was locked in a brutal land war with the neighboring kingdom of Umbra Corr, the kings men remained well armed on the front lines. Following a weeks long battle at broken-arrow pass which saw many casualties on both sides with no signs of either gaining any real foothold against the other. The two kingdoms decided to enter a time of peace, if only for a moment by signing a treaty that would require both sides to take no action of war against the other for the next 10 years. With the horrors of war at least momentarily quelled, king Wilhelm the Benevolent of Aurora has recalled his forces back to its capital.

Unfortunately for the king, a fell wind has been sweeping across the land in his armies absence. An occurrence not gone unnoticed by the watchful eyes of the kingdom. Reports of attacks upon local villages across the kingdom have begun to stir. With the only voices of these tales told through the broken minds of those who managed to escape, some too lost to make any sense. Their minds warped by presumably being witness to some terrible carnage. There is not much known about these marauders, who’s wake of destruction has left signs that the villagers had no time to mount proper defenses, even in well fortified outposts. Lending weight to the fear that these raiders can ambush Auroras villages and even military posts while alerting none, and be gone before a neighboring community can even respond. Although they leave many bodies in their wake and very few survivors to be found, some adults have been reported missing in the aftermath of these slaughters. Although raids on villages are common due to local bandits and numerous dangers that lie in wait beyond the kingdoms walls, these small scale massacres gave the kingdoms knights an eerie feeling that this was done by no normal men, and certainly not bandits. No treasures taken, any horses slain, and even the motive behind those they capture seem to be random and is not understood at this time.

Due to the ever increasing danger the highest authorities in the kingdom of Aurora have delivered an official request to the Hero’s guild, to aid in the service of their country and investigate these disturbances. Normally the kings men would already have their best minds quick to work at this, but as the kingdom is currently at war with neighboring rivals, they are left defenseless to a threat from within such as this.

The guild is a collection of the worlds strongest heroes, and train any young would be adventurer that shows promise, regardless of race or country, to further bolster the ranks of its heroes at large. These heroes act much like other guilds agents that take contract jobs, however they specialize in assisting humanity and protecting surrounding lands, albeit still requiring payment for jobs completed. These jobs, or “quests” as referred to by most heroes of the guild, usually range between protecting local merchants or villagers from dangerous malcontents like bandits or goblins (at lower ranks), all the way to slaying mighty dragons that threaten any kingdoms in use of the guilds services.

The local Heroes Guild has posted quest contracts on their quest board for mid to high level heroes to investigate these raids upon local villages leading to the kingdom, in hopes that more information can be found and possibly put a stop to these horrible slaughters.

However, our party are not members of the guild yet, and will first find their way to the kingdom on their own quest. To join the Heroes Guild. Strangers to each other, they will each find their way to the guild, searching for greater purpose. Starting from the lowest ranks, they will work their way to the highest echelon of heroes, and along the way unravel an infernal plot to destroy the very kingdom itself. Although they yet not realize, these heroes may indeed save not only their kingdom, but the very world itself.

This journey will take our group of heroes all across the kingdom of Aurora, through Fey forests, Ancient dungeons, and quite possibly to the very depths of hell to challenge evil itself, to the unimaginable horrors and incomprehensible twists and turns of Baphomet’s endless maze. The prince of beasts intends to dominate all who oppose him. As the heroes will find, the prince of evil is not the only malevolent force residing in the abyss. Near deific principalities of hell that would rival one’s worst nightmare also call this plane of madness and evil their domain, and have battled for untold eons with Baphomet for sovereignty over the demonic forces within. Those who would bring into question everything they understand about the reality they exist within and powers well beyond their comprehension. They will be in time faced with a choice; make deals with greater evils in hopes of defeating those presently endangering mankind, or pray the gods have mercy and smile upon them.