It’s been several thousand years since Satan was re-released onto the lands of Elanthia. Towns are under the constant threat of demons and gorbesh invaders looking to take down their walls and claim more land as their own. Military rule has sprung up in most safehavens as the military has become the most important thing in a town that wishes to stay standing.

Able-bodied children are conscripted into the martial guilds at a young age and military academy has become a way of life for most. Those who are unable to withstand the training (or whose parents are willing to get them exempt) often find their ways into a scholarly academy where they can learn the art of magic, so as to still be useful to the town’s defense - but off the front lines.

On the outskirts of the Crossing is a large spire that has been dormant for quite sometime, but with the uptick in invasions and the recent burning of the moon Katamba - the moon mages have been seen leaving their home.

People from the Crossing are somewhat familiar with how things work here;
Socially, it’s a fairly friendly town. They respect warriors of all makes, as they are seen as the protector’s of families. Children can be seen playing in streets practicing dueling or vanguard techniques, as every child hopes to be a hero one day. There is light entertainment in the town, in the form of a few taverns where the soldiers go to hang out. In there you can usually find a bard or two, but there kind isn’t held in much high regard as the rest. They are there for the enjoyment of others, and seen as replaceable. In the eyes of someone from the Crossing, one person with a lute is just as good as any other person with a lute.

Politically, the Crossing is in militaristic rule. There exists an aristocracy that runs the trade routes and trade deals, but everything is done with the sanction and support of the military. This leaves the aristocracy with a lot of idle hands and free time to brew up trouble of their own.

Economically, the town is under constant siege. Efforts that help the war make the most many and have the largest workshops. Expert blacksmith are held in the same light as an expert warrior, if not better. An expert blacksmith could save the lives of thousands of warriors - and aristocratic families often want their favor in order to outfit their children with the best the town has to offer. Beyond that the town functions much like any other.

Religiously, no one follows any particular one god in the Crossing. No one has been able to prove that their god has hindered or helped enough to effect the events they are currently in. Because of this, religion is mostly ignored by the general populous and people are free to believe in whatever they want. The paladin and cleric guilds still uphold their traditions, but don’t hold as much sway as they would in times before. Clerics still perform death rights on those that have passed and help in healing the wounded, and for this they are still welcome in the ranks of the Crossing despite not offering a lot of militaristic aid. Amongst the lower class, there is some talk of the god “Si-Eh”, as he is known to be a benevolent god who will not let his follower’s grow hungry. Amongst the upper class talk of this god is considered a nuisance, as the name has been attributed to a string of robberies.

Militaristically, the Crossing is under constant pressure from the outside forces. The Crossing Guilds have held this place together from invaders, and because of this they hold the most swing in how the town is run. Those that join the guilds are revered and respected, but also expected to lay their lives on the line if trouble occurs. All children of able body are sent to a martial academy. Those that are deemed physically fit are kept in the ranks and trained in their class of choice. The military also controls trade to some degree, as no merchant would dare step outside of the city gates without an escort.