Elenterstein is a collection of islands with isthmuses connecting each of them. The land is vast and diverse in biomes, ranging from expansive prairies and grassland to coniferous and tropical rainforests, to polar and arid deserts. The nations within Elenterstein were on the verge of signing a universal peace treaty when a series of cataclysmic events occurred, one event in the south caused significant destruction to the landscapes, wiping whole cities off the map, along with a new uprising, causing the Kingdom of Elderkeep to turn on the other nations, and even went as far as making their whole territory to levitate and float high in the skies. To the North the Capital of the Keepers of the Seas and Waters has declared a full-scale war on all the major kingdoms and cities throughout the lands, wreaking havoc and destruction to all of those not a part of their religion. And finally, a mighty volcanic eruption to the East, causing the entire area to turn into a desolate Ashland, snuffing out multiple cities and towns, and devastating the local agricultural supply, resulting in an oncoming famine that will affect all neighboring towns and cities.