The world of Vestral has vast landscapes ranging from the mountains of Vestral to the farmlands to the big cities. Despite how beautiful the land is, it used to be a dim world built from greed and wars. 500 years ago the “Total War” began with the the west-lands trying to conquer the east-lands. With the West-lands races ranging from dwarves, elves, and humans. The East-lands races were Teiflings, Dragonborns, and Half-orcs. A divided world eventually needs unity with the War lasting 10 years, The West-lands eventually won the long and exhausting battle, exerting both armies. With both lands expending their money, soldier, and supplies, the rebuilding began and the first bill that was passed was the “One World Treaty” With both kings signing (King Randall of the West/King Yirion of the East) where no matter your race you are welcome to both parts of the world. With the agreement passed, not everyone was okay with this, with rebellious groups forming against the treaty. Racism and separatists ruling these groups, some groups even with 1,000s of members. These groups knew that with them being so divided they will never stand a chance against the “One world Empire”. So secrets were told, notes were passed and there the Alliance started. The “New World Brothers” with 50,000 members at the start. That was only the beginning, years passed and Alliance has over 500,000 members, their own land and economy. Their land is called “Eden” where only certain races and families are welcome. In the beginning, it was only hopes and dreams of having the perfect realm with no money, no morales, no mercy. You wouldn’t think it now but back then they were evil, merciless people. Now there’s more mysterious plans, even rumors being told about how they are going to rise up and take over the world. The world seeks new heroes to protect The land of Vestral. You would even say there’s more to the story than what your parents told you.